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Sarasota FL

Durable and versatile, vinyl is one of the most commonly used flooring materials in homes. It offers moisture-resistance at affordable prices. 

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Vinyl Flooring sarasota 

Vinyl Flooring Sarasota FL

Vinyl Flooring Sarasota

Many consider vinyl floors as the best choice for many reasons. Vinyl floorings are suitable and mistakenly thought of as hardwood floors most of the time. It is always compared to natural woods, but actually, it can be an alternative to hardwood floors. Vinyl Flooring Sarasota will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of having vinyl floors.

There are two kinds of vinyl flooring; sheet flooring and tile flooring. Linoleum is a common type of vinyl sheet flooring, an older version, and sold in a roll. Unlike luxury vinyl plank is available in planks like natural wood. The texture, thickness is the same as the natural wood.

Vinyl Plank Floors Sarasota
A vinyl plank flooring comes in the three most basic layers and synthetic materials called polyvinyl chloride plastic (PCV). It is like a plank of wood but made up of PVC, a type of plastic; contractors commonly use vinyl as hardwood floor alternatives.

Primary layers of Vinyl plack flooring:

  • Core or base

    A core is the bottom layer that provides the foundation. It can either be flexible or rigid that depends on the materials.

  •  Pattern or design

    A layer with looks and style. This layer can be tile, stone, or mimic natural wood.

  •  Wear or surface

    This is the transparent layer protecting the vinyl plank from any damage like fading.

Advantages of Vinyl Plank Floors

The following are the advantages of having vinyl plank flooring that make it one of the top choices for any space at home.

1. Water Resistant or completely waterproof. Vinyl plank floors are always waterproof because of their materials made up of plastic.

2. Scratch Resistant. Vinyl plank floors are too hard to scratch and dented because of the durable surface layer.
3. Stain Resistant. Vinyl has a wear layer that protects the vinyl, and it resists stains and spills. A simple sweep and run of a damp mop will do to keep vinyl flooring looking great.

4. Easy maintenance. Other types of flooring often need care, unlike vinyl plank floorings. Regular cleaning is still required; however, it does not need expensive products for cleaning.

5. Best wood Floor Alternatives. There are many alternatives available in the market, but vinyl is the best. You have the limitless option of vinyl plank looks and designs. You can have various wood floor colors and patterns to choose from, depending on your personality.

6. Affordable. Vinyl planks are cheaper than hardwood flooring but can provide high-quality as well.

7. Easy to install. Vinyl plank flooring is one of the most accessible floorings to install. You can easily install it yourself.

Vinyl planks are recommended and the best options in the kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and laundry rooms because of their durability and waterproof characteristics. It will not stain and will withstand humidity to avoid moisture.

One of the most trusted contractors for installing vinyl plank tiles in town is Vinyl Flooring Sarasota. We have a list of skilled and experienced installers to render extraordinary services. Our customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we make sure that our service providers will do their best to ensure a quality service.

Our company’s goal is to provide contractors and customers an excellent quality of service at a competitive price. We aspire to work harder to meet every customer’s satisfaction and expectations.

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If vinyl flooring is your choice, Vinyl Flooring Sarasota can be your partner. We can provide you the great ideas and unique styles for your best vinyl flooring. You can contact us or visit us directly to show your options. Call us now for an appointment and grab our lowest price offers. 

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