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Wood Flooring sarasota 

Wood Flooring Sarasota FL

Common Wood Flooring Issues You Should Know

Wood flooring is one of the most popular flooring options many homeowners and commercial property owners would love to have in their property. Hardwood floors provide a classic and elegant look that can make any room appealing and warm. They are also durable and can withstand a tremendous amount of abuse if properly installed. Many property owners invest a huge amount in materials and labor for their hardwood flooring Sarasota. However, wood floorings are susceptible to several damages, some of which require expensive repairs.

If you are considering getting hardwood flooring for your home or commercial building, it would be best to know these common wood flooring issues so that you will be able to determine when to call professional help.

Cupping usually happens when the wood flooring is installed over a wet subfloor, or the wood absorbed so much moisture. Sometimes, it is caused by high relative humidity. This causes the plank to be concave when viewed from above, which means the boards are no longer flat with the plank's edges. Sometimes, floors will flatten out as the excess moisture evaporates, but it will need sanding in some cases.

Wide Gaps
Wood shrinks when there is a loss of moisture in wood floors which causes gapping. Gapping is the space between two floorboards that usually happens when the floors are installed in high humidity or high moisture condition. Proper installation is crucial to avoid wide gaps between your wood floors. Our experts in Wood Flooring Sarasota are trained and have experience in hardwood floorings installation FL, so they always install wood floors properly to avoid this wood flooring issue.

Wear and Tear
Wood floors have a protective finish that helps them withstand a number of abuse from kids, furniture, pets, and more. After some time, this finish will start to wear off, and you will notice your floors display indications of everyday wear and tear, such as dents, scratches, and dings. Worn spots caused by high traffic or subpar finishing jobs can also be noticed. To help protect your floors from wear and tear, you may leave your shoes at the door and use protective pads under furniture.

Sun Fading
Some wood types are more likely to be affected by exposure to sunlight because they are more photosensitive compared to others. Wood floors may face and change color eventually because of photosensitivity. At Wood Flooring Sarasota, we offer a high-quality finish to delay the sun fading process. You may also install blinds to limit sun exposure.

Wood floors always respond to environmental conditions because their materials are natural products. So, when the floorboards absorb moisture from air or subfloor, they may swell and push against each other, causing the center of the boards to crown or bulge. Just like wide gaps, proper installation is also crucial in preventing crowning. Call Wood Flooring Sarasota for quality wood flooring installation.

Scratches from Sanding

Sanding is essential in maintaining the beauty of a wood floor. However, improper sanding can cause scratches to your wood floor. These blemishes occur when abrasive screens or worn sanding pads are used to sand the boards between layers of finish. These scratches can only be removed by sanding past the layer where they were formed and by refinishing. If you need to sand your wood floors, you should contact professionals to do this job properly and avoid damaging your wood floors.

These wood floorings issues are a few of several problems that homeowners or commercial property owners often encounter. And because some of these problems are associated with the installation, it would be best to choose the best flooring experts to help you install your hardwood flooring. Our Wood Flooring Sarasota is known for its quality hardwood flooring installation FL. Many homeowners and commercial property owners trust us to install their wood floors because our flooring experts are very professional and very knowledgeable. We are experts in hardwood flooring installation and maintenance.

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